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Mondelin, French manufacturer of hand tools for the construction industry since 1952

Roger Mondelin - Créateur de l'entreprise Mondelin, fabricant d’outillage français.

Since Roger Mondelin, you are behind each of our tools!

Did you know that the Mondelin company founded in 1952 because Roger Mondelin wanted to facilitate the work of drywall plasterers, plasterers, masons, facade makers, tilers and slab makers?
By making tools which were more suited to their needs and their sites, inspired by their work and well thought out, such as the Levpano® later on.
Since then, we have continued to design each of our products with a team of professionals, by observing them, having them test each of our new products and asking them about their needs.

Mondelin : Plus que des outils, des solutions pour vos chantiers !

Not just tools, solutions for your construction sites

When we design a new tool, we think about how you use it and the task it helps you to do.
We want to provide you with not just tools or equipment, but complete solutions that make your job easier, more comfortable, more precise, safer or more efficient.

Du métal pour créer les meilleurs outils à main Mondelin pour les professionnels du bâtiment

Made in Ambierle, in our factory

In our factory, we bring together 3 professions, 3 complementary skills: metal work, plastic injection and woodwork.
Why don't we import everything or buy tools, which would be the easy way? Because manufacturing our tools from start to finish allows us to upgrade them easily , mobilize our R&D team directly in our factories, test the quality of each tool and maintain high standards on every detail.