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Heliss multipurpose knife

Heliss multipurpose knife
The knife for the plasterer, plasterer and painter which allows you to carry out all your finishes with a single tool.

Multifunction straightening knife

4 stainless steel blades

100% made in France

For finishing work

Ideal for window and door surrounds

For plasterer, plasterer, painter

4 blades available

Multi-function knives with 4 blades:
- 1 scraping blade of 3 cm beveled, thickness 1 mm
- 1 3 cm blade for smoothing coatings, thickness 0.7 mm
- 1 2 cm blade for smoothing coatings, thickness 0.7 mm
- 1 pointed blade for making angles less than 90°, thickness 0.7 mm

Heliss multipurpose knife


- PH2 screwdriver bit to take up protruding screws
- Effective blade locking thanks to a large wheel
- Possible use of the blade as a false square
- Compact once the blades are folded

Heliss multipurpose knife


- PEFC certified beech handle
- PU varnish finish for great durability and easy cleaning
- Stainless steel blades
- Entirely made in France, in our Ambierle factory

Heliss multipurpose knife